mountain dew spot with the black magic micro cinema camera

A few months ago I was asked by Jacob Schwarz to be the 2nd unit DP for a mountain dew shoot that was taking place in Utahs “Little Sahara” desert. Schwarz, who was the main unit DP, had selected some black magic micro cinema cameras for my shots as img_20160627_122613I would be primarily in charge of getting angles that were deemed too dangerous for the fleet of Red Weapons that were part of his unit. I posted a picture of thr

helmet rig our key grip Eric Beck created online and a rep from black magic reached out to me to find out more about the shoot.

Here is the press release they created based on our conversations.




Here are some examples of my shots that made it into the final piece:

Here is the spot:

vid angel – game of thronez spot

The other month I was asked to shoot a promo video for the video streaming company Vid Angel. I had shot a few other spots for the advertising agency behind this new spot (Harmon Bros), the most famous of which of course is the unicorn Squatty Potty video.
During pre-production the visual style they were going after was described thusly: “…We want it to look good, but it has to also look crappy.” Well, alright then.

We used a Red Epic Dragon with Canon CN-E primes mounted on a Movi for the majority of the moving shots, supplementing with a traditional dolly for the rest. It was great fun to light large spaces, and the secret to keeping a constant level for the actors key was a 24″ china ball mounted to a boom pole that led him wherever we went.
Anyways, there was the spot, leave comments or questions below!

Samsung NX1 Free Lut Pack

After working with and experimenting quite a bit with the nx1 for a few months, here is the set of luts I created to use when shooting. Download them and let me know what you think, and if there are any other looks you think would be nice to have!

Your NX1 should be using the following settings:
Manual Mode
Gamma: Normal Gamma
Master Black Level: 0
Luminance Level: 16-235 (for internal recording) 0-255 (for external high bit-rate recording, ie shogun/odyssey)
Picture Wizard: “Custom 1”
Adjust “Custom 1” settings as follow: Color (leave default settings) Saturation (-2) Sharpness (-10) Contrast (-5) Hue (0)

Rec709 Lut:
(This will adjust the levels back to normal)

Fuji Print Lut:

Kodak Print:

(inspired by adobes take on cinespace)

(This will flatten out the image to accept stylized luts of your choosing and shows you all the info captured in the image)

These are designed to be the start of your color grade, not the final step. Add or take away some contrast, shift it blue or green, whatever!

Click here to download NX1 Lut Pack

Here is a very basic tutorial on how these LUTs can help you get a desired “Look”

get my identical nx1 system: here
get high bit-rate capable SD cards: here