vid angel – game of thronez spot

The other month I was asked to shoot a promo video for the video streaming company Vid Angel. I had shot a few other spots for the advertising agency behind this new spot (Harmon Bros), the most famous of which of course is the unicorn Squatty Potty video.
During pre-production the visual style they were going after was described thusly: “…We want it to look good, but it has to also look crappy.” Well, alright then.

We used a Red Epic Dragon with Canon CN-E primes mounted on a Movi for the majority of the moving shots, supplementing with a traditional dolly for the rest. It was great fun to light large spaces, and the secret to keeping a constant level for the actors key was a 24″ china ball mounted to a boom pole that led him wherever we went.
Anyways, there was the spot, leave comments or questions below!