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In the months following the rumors (and still no official announcement) of Samsung discontinuing their NX line of cameras, the internet has gone to work petitioning for, and gathering individuals to hack and modify the camera systems open source operating system (Tizen).
Originating on the dpreviews forum and spreading to eoshd, users are making great headway into the camera system, and usable hacks are already available. Here is whats currently available, what is likely to be available soon, and what issues they likely will and will not fix for NX1 camera users.

What is available now?
Currently the most beneficial modification is that of eliminating the 30 minute record limit on the NX1 (and nx500) cameras. This is done by loading a script on to the sd card, then using a button sequence to access the dev menu. From this menu users are also disabling the lens detection feature, enabling poorly constructed lens adapters to still allow users to shoot.

What is coming?
Nobody knows for sure what is coming next, but based on at least one user, “Vasile” who released the record limit mod, higher bit-rates are coming (he left a teaser video of higher bit rates on the dpreview forum). Other users like “Chant” on the EOSHD forum believe that potentially raw or maybe another codec is possible thanks to the nx1’s advanced system. My guess is that we won’t see another codec, but that raw at some resolution and frame rate is possible. 4K at higher frame rates might also be on the horizon, but my guess is they would be at less-than-ideal bit rates.

How will this actually help?
The 30 minute record limit hack is going to be useful for all those who record live events. Those of us in the commercial/narrative realm won’t see a huge benefit, but on the off-chance you’d need to roll for 30+ minutes, this is something that I think everyone should enable. It should be noted that many users are reporting that after 75 minutes, the camera crashes resulting in an unusable file… so be careful. I’ve done the hack myself but have not gone to the excess of over an hour of recording. Be sure to format your card in your computer to exFAT so the file size won’t limit your record time.
The future planned hacks of increased bit rate I think will be a bit disappointing to people. Those of us that have been recording to external recorders (shogun, odyssey, etc) have been living with 200+ mbps (vs. internal 80mpbs) for a while now, and while the image is stronger in highlights and shadows, there is no real change in the color space so banding is still a terrible issue. That banding is what is limiting the usable dynamic range of this camera. If a real 422 100+mb recording could be enabled, my guess is we’d see a camera capable of 13+ stops of usable dynamic range, which would keep it relevant for another 2 years.

How to enable the current hacks on your camera:
If you’re interested in enabling the current hack, here are the instructions per the user “Vasile” on dpreview.
1. Download this file
2. Place the “nx_dev.adj” file on the root of an SD card
3. Place SD card into camera, then power on the camera
4. Place camera in “Auto” mode via the top dial
5. Enter this button sequence on the camera via jog dial:
DOWN, OK, UP, OK, RIGHT. Then press and hold the +/- (exposure comp) button and hit OK, then release the +/- button.
This will open up the Dev menu.
6. Navigate in to System Parameter
7. Select the option labeled “Disable Movie Rec Limit” (or No lens release enable)
8. Hit menu to escape the dev menus.
9. Delete the nx_dev.adj file from your SD card before booting the nx1 again (or else the changes will be reset).

This hack also works on the nx500/30/300 in an identical way. If you own a 1100 substitute the +/- with the trash button (as discovered by Okan Özel).

Questions or comments? Leave them below! I’ll be releasing my nx1 lut pack next week so stay tuned.

get my identical nx1 system: here
get high bit-rate capable SD cards: here

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  1. Casley, I’ve just found the dpreview forum thread and this very same web page.

    As I’ve just posted there I do think you should update your post with the info contained in this posts:

    There’s a nasty bug which will affect hardcore video shooters who are actually shooting looooong movies.

    Maybe there was a reason for that limit to be placed in the very first place…

    1. Forget my comment… I’ve just noticed you had actually done it…

      (A common sin in this internet era… we usually read way too fast and too sideways instead of thoroughly…)

  2. Thanks Man for the plain English text as it was maddening watching the Korean Guys video instructions 🙂 Kindly instruct on Focus Stacking hack also

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