riven 4k commercial

last month i partnered up with colton and jessica lee of flat abs fitness to create a 4k ad for riven fitness apparel. this was a bit of a departure of normal commercials for me as i functioned as the creative and director for this piece, as well as the cinematographer. i usually like to have separate people fill as many roles as possible in the creative process, so ideas can be filtered and expanded. however for this project, while it was necessary for me to function as director, i still had a lot of creative help from the lee’s and colleague josh contor (from my genesi ad).

we referenced a lot of other fitness ads when creating the visual style, but tried to have a unique voice when it came to the story of the piece. we kept it mobile shooting on a stripped down a7s and shogun and were able to finish principle photography in one day.

here is the finished cut:

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