field diaries

recently i was asked to work on a promo for a series called ‘field diaries’, and now that it’s in post production, i thought i’d share some screen grabs.
a major reference visually was hbo’s true detective, but there were also some scenes that referenced melancholia as well as other surreal and hyper-real films.
trying to work within some budget constraints we decided to use the a7s/shogun for a camera package to help eliminate some need for large lights (though we still brought along a few).
the dynamic range of the camera still impresses me, and though the 8-bit codec is limiting, when exposed properly the image is great and somewhat malleable in color correction.
we shot with my rec709ish lut on the shogun to help dial in a finished look, and with some tweaking in the a7s itself to adjust the color palette, were able to capture a fairly filmic image right out of the box (shot slog2, applied rec709 lut in post, mixed with my fuji lut for a more final look).
i’m also still pleased with the choice i made this year to try last-generation nikkor lenses (early 00’s) on shoots like this, instead of canon. comparatively, it’s the technical imperfections that yield a unique image, and while still sharp has a tangible softness and warmth. there is one sample below shot with a canon lens, can you pick it out? leave your guess in the comments below šŸ™‚
here are some samples from the shoot the other day. we still need to go through final color to match everything and dial all the levels in, but for an initial image i think we got really close to the referenced media. as always, i’ll post the video once it’s finished.





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  1. I’ll bet either the cop or the two people sitting was the shot done with the canon lens

  2. Hi Gerfried,
    The shots here are not representative of all the shots from the shoot (we used Arri tungstens when we did add artificial light), but you can see the effects of some added light (via bounce) in most of the exterior shots shown above. Ideally I would have had more powerful lights to add some shape to actors, but I think these shots demonstrate that with some decent post/coloring ability you can pump up, pull down, and add shape to a rather malleable 8 bit a7s image.

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