a7s mountain dew shoot with shogun in 4k

here is the 4k spot for mountain dew we shot last month with the sony a7s and atomos shogun. thanks to austin lindsay who functioned as gaffer, for the fantastic lighting setup.
we wanted to have 2 cuts available, one a standard 30 second spot, and a 15 second internet video pre-roll cut

30 second cut:

15 second cut:

because the shogun didnt have 3d luts available to the public at the time, we lit with the camera in “pp off” mode with neutral settings then recorded in slog2/sgamut.

i’ve since been able to shoot with 3d luts on the shogun, and i’m excited to share some of the results (beyond the luts i’ve already uploaded).


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  1. Hi, Casey. Thanks for the luts and insights! I recently directed this peace for the 90 year anniversary for the Copenhagen airport, and used the shogun(with luts) and A7s. I used your luts and added a fujifilm stock too and tweaked here and there. We couldn’t control lighting at all, so it required quite a bit of post work. Take a look.

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