story boarding a commercial

in my opinion commercials are one the greatest story-telling achievements in media. successful commercials can tell a story, deliver a message, and stay in our minds for days or weeks after we’ve seen them. most of my work as of late has been working on feature films or corporate style videos, so when i was approached to shoot a high-concept spec ad for a group, i jumped at the opportunity.
as a cinematographer i love when things are thoroughly story-boarded. it helps to ensure that both the director, myself, and the entire production are on the same page for what we need to accomplish when the time comes to shoot. it’s always a pleasure to see what the director has envisioned realized on set. sometimes i’m able to work with the crew to really closely recreate frame-for-frame the story board, and other times, things change on set or compromises have to be made. here are some story boards and what we actually ended up shooting:

story boards:

actual shots:

the commercial is still undergoing revisions, but you can watch the addy-nominated version on my commercials page.director/story-board artist: daniel clark