L7-c horror shoot

earlier this week i had the opportunity to shoot a short horror film for salt lake city director david thorpe.
david had a specific look in mind for the film, and part of that was the use of strong colored back lights on walls and people.
this proved to be a great opportunity to use the new arri l7-c led light.
while there are a lot of led fresnel lights to choose from now, this arri is by far my new favorite.
the light quality is fantastic, the build is much stronger than mole-richardsons most comparable light, and even better you can adjust the color temperature and tint within the light without the need for gels or post work.
the body produces a remarkably bright and vibrant colored light, which I often had a hard time convincing the director we needed to tone down significantly (he was looking at the flat image on set) otherwise it would be too distracting once we got our color grade applied.
it’s still pretty loud.
the biggest down-side is the built in fan, which we were unable to quiet. this makes shooting in small rooms troublesome for sound, so perhaps this light is most ideal on commercial sets with little sound involvement.

here are some screen shots with a few different hues:

the full version is available to view on the narrative page.